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Power distance is a dimension theorized and proven by Geert Hofstede, who outlined multiple cultural dimensions throughout his work.

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Power Distance. This dimension deals with the fact that all individuals in societies are not equal – it expresses the attitude of the culture towards these …

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17. sep. 2021 — Power distance is a term that describes how people belonging to a specific culture view power relationships – superior/subordinate …

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Hofstede’s Power Distance: Definition & Examples – Video & Lesson Transcript | Study.com

Power distance refers to the strength of a society’s social hierarchy. The Power Distance Index (PDI) measures the extent to which those people who are at …

Learn the definition of power distance and explore key concepts and examples. Learn about Hofstede and the role of power distance in his cultural…

Power Distance: Definition and Examples

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In High Power Distance cultures, “inequality is seen as the basis of societal order” (Hofstede, Hofstede, & Minkov, 2010, p. 97). Low Power Distance cultures, …

Power distance definition relates to a construct that refers to social relationships and power. Understanding power distance could help a person in their studies or in their job as a psychologist in the corporate setting.

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Power Distance Index – Clearly Cultural

What Are Hofstede’s Six Dimensions of Culture? · Power Distance Index (high versus low). · Individualism Versus Collectivism. · Masculinity Versus Femininity.

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Hofstede (1985) defines power distance as “the extent to which the members of a society accept that power in institutions and organizations is distributed …

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